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Young harpist describes playing at Carnegie Hall

Jennifer was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall after winning first prize in the 2018 Golden Classical Music Awards New York International Competition.

She describes the experience:

The hall was magnificent in any way you look at it. Breathtaking and lavish. Once I placed my foot onto the stage, I was free. I could feel myself being lifted and felt relaxed. Being the first was never an easy thing for me, but once my hands touched the strings, the first string plucked, they just did their thing without me controlling it. After what felt like seconds, I finished my song. I had just finished playing what could be the turning point of my life. I never thought I was able to play at such a venue of such high calibre at my age. Applause rushed to me and hit me with emotions that I can never put into words but will never forget. 

Father Yong Zhang said Jennifer, who has been playing the harp for four years, was grateful for the experience, loves music and feels most at ease when playing.

“She is able to express her emotions during her playing. She also enjoys the ability to share music with others and hopefully enlighten their love for music also.”

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