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Top of the World student to study Health Science

Top of the World student to study Health Science

ACG Parnell College student Jessica Wu has come Top in the World in Cambridge International A Level English Language.

The award is given to the student who has achieved the highest standard mark in the world in an individual subject. Jessie said the result was a huge surprise. “I remember walking out of that exam room feeling more unsure of myself than I had ever felt in my life.”

A top student, Jessie’s favourite subject was English Language, and particularly its marriage of analysis and creativity.

“With language being such a fluid and ever-changing medium, to not only understand its nuances, but to apply them into writing, is to understand the complexities of human nature,” she said.

Teacher Lauren Sawyers said strong English Language students needed to have a genuine interest in the power of spoken and written discourse. She said they needed to be inquisitive and analytical and driven by a desire to find out how and why language has an impact.

Ms Sawyers said Jessica was a resilient student who happily accepted challenges, set herself clear goals, took on board feedback, and only ever submitted work that was the best she could produce.

Attracted to the rewarding and altruistic nature of medicine, Jessica will now study Health Science at the University of Auckland. She thanked the school for its role in her success.

“Everything I have achieved, I owe to the college and its staff. I have had an amazing four years at ACG Parnell College, and I couldn’t have asked for a better peer group, or a better set of teachers to navigate my high school years with.”

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