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Students win first and second place in elite Physics comp

ACG Parnell College teams have come 1st and 2nd out of 15 teams in the International Young Physicists Tournament (IYPT) Auckland regional competition. It is the second year in a row students Ana Bogosanovic and Mark Hutchinson have been in the winning team.

The 1st-placed team of Ana, Mark and Lachlan Broadhurst will now compete in the national finals at the University of Canterbury on 24 March against the nine other best schools in the country. This will determine five students to represent New Zealand at the world tournament in China in July.

Described as the most elite competition for high school Physics students in the world, the IYPT gives students an opportunity to carry out original research, conduct rigorous experimentation and defend their results under intense debate.

For the last six months, teams have been working on seven complex experimental problems – like constructing a simple seismograph that amplifies a local disturbance by mechanical, optical or electrical methods; and investigating the phenomenon of water bottle flipping and determining the parameters that result in a successful flip.

Physics coordinator Charlie Wilkinson said the two ACG Parnell College teams were highly dedicated, put in huge amounts of hard work and had very little sleep in the weeks leading up to the competition.

“Our students scored exceptionally highly in both reporting and opposing and their results are testament to this exceptional dedication,” he said.

“In reporting, the depth of detail, creativity in solutions and clarity in presenting showed their complete understanding of the questions. In opposing the consistent feedback was how polite and respectful our students were. They were actively trying to help others team to understand shortcomings and potential improvements in their presentations.”

First place:

Lachlan Broadhurst

Ana Bogosanovic

Mark Hutchinson

Second place:

Wendy (Shanwen) Liu

Caleb Probine

Jack Julian

- dav