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Student stories - School's life

Student profile: Long Do

Friends and football a highlight for Long

Long Do came to New Zealand from Vietnam to study at ACG Parnell College. At first he struggled with English, but thanks to helpful teachers and a passion for playing football, he’s embracing life at his Auckland school.

What is your favourite thing about studying in New Zealand?

The environment is really good, there’s fresh air, space for sports and a lot of playgrounds – I really like it.

What do you enjoy about ACG Parnell College?

The students and the teachers. As an international student, my English wasn’t great to start, so it was hard for me to get on well with other students. The teachers helped me with the language – I could ask them anything I didn’t know and they were happy to help out.

What’s the highlight of your time at the school?

Sports! I didn’t know how to play soccer when I came here three years ago, but I’ve made a lot of progress and this year I got into the first senior team.

I love practising with the team. It’s helped me adjust to life in New Zealand and it’s one of the reasons I can speak English now. I’m the only international student in the team so I have to speak English all the time!

Your English is very good now – how else have you made such good progress?

By making friends with domestic students. By speaking English with them you expand your vocab and improve your grammar. I can speak to them now fluently, and can understand everything they say.

What’s something important you’ve learnt as an international student?

Be confident and don’t be afraid to make friends. Ask and get help from teachers if there’s something you don’t understand.

This experience changes a lot about your life. Fitness, your way of thinking, it’s a lot different. It makes you a better person.

Long comes from Vietnam and is in Year 11 at ACG Parnell College.