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Spectacular scholarship success

Receiving a scholarship to study at university is a big thrill for any school leaver – but ACG Parnell College alumnus Andrew Evans has taken the term ‘scholarship recipient’ to entirely new heights.

The 2020 Head Boy has been awarded not one, but four scholarships for the University of Canterbury, where he is enrolled to study engineering in 2021. With a combined value of $18,000, the scholarships will go a long way toward covering the costs of Andrew’s degree studies.

“Receiving these scholarships has relieved a huge amount of financial pressure as all my accommodation costs are now paid for,” says Andrew. “This means I can focus on saving money for my later years at university.”

Andrew’s scholarship tally includes the UC Hiranga Scholarship for academic excellence ($5000), the UC Engineering High Achievers Award ($1500 per year for two years), the Go Waitaha Canterbury Scholarship ($5000), and a Math199 AIMS Scholarship ($5000). He is particularly excited about the Go Waitaha Canterbury Scholarship which can be used not just for accommodation costs, but for personal and professional development workshops and outdoor recreation opportunities as well.

“I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities like tramping, hunting and rock climbing – all things which the Canterbury region has a lot of.”

Andrew has always had his sights set on studying engineering and can’t wait to become a part of Canterbury University’s highly regarded engineering school.

“At the moment I’m tossing up between going into civil engineering and being involved with roading/big infrastructure projects, or specialising in mechanical engineering, with the goal of becoming an engineering officer in the Air Force.”

Either way, he has plenty to look forward to in 2021.

“I’m excited to see what the new year brings. I can’t wait to move to a new environment and meet new people. I’ve also got family in Christchurch, so there’s a support network down there which makes the move easier.”

A talented saxophonist, Andrew is looking forward to continuing his passion for music when he moves to the Garden City as well. And thanks to his years spent at ACG Parnell College, he feels very well prepared for the transition from high school to tertiary level studies.

“The pre-university vibe of ACG’s Senior Campus has prepared me for being able to self-manage at university. Also, the study techniques I’ve acquired over the years will definitely help.”

What’s more, Andrew believes the school has played a starring role in his spectacular scholarship success.

“ACG taught me wholeheartedness and perseverance. I wouldn’t have been able to get these scholarships without those two factors.”