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Melbourne beckons 2019 alumna, Lada Volkova

The decision to attend university overseas was a simple one for ACG Parnell College alumna, Lada Volkova who had always planned to study abroad. However, the choice as to which university would be the clearest fit required a little more consideration. With some helpful guidance from ACG University Adviser, Guy Mills, she determined that the University of Melbourne was the best option for her and was delighted when they offered her a place in their Arts programme.

“Melbourne was the perfect middle-ground between new and exciting, but still comfortable and close to home,” she explains.

“I particularly wanted to attend the University of Melbourne because of its flexible degree structure which allows students to try multiple Arts disciplines and includes a ‘breadth’ course outside of Arts every semester. That way I can explore, and discover what I truly enjoy, before committing to a professionally orientated degree.”

Keen to make the most of her university experience, Lada is determined to embrace a wide range of subjects as she looks to find her metier.

“I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts, with the aim of pursuing a Masters in Law. I have taken first-year elective subjects in the fields of psychology, media, history and philosophy of science, and marketing.”

Transitioning into a newly independent phase of life can often feel daunting, especially when undertaken in a different country, yet the confident teen is quietly excited about her big move. Gratified by her excellent Cambridge International Examination results, Lada is certain that the academic environment and encouraging support of her teachers at ACG has prepared her well for the challenges of university.

“ACG Parnell has excellent teaching staff who aim to help College students with pre-university preparation. All my Year 13 teachers offered additional assistance and resources outside of class (that I took every time), which really allowed me to consolidate my learning. Mr Raymond Yeo in particular, made us submit exam-quality history essays every single week, which undoubtedly improved my confidence and abilities for the final exams.”

Lada also had the chance grow her leadership skills while at ACG by coaching the school’s junior netball team. She considers the enjoyment she gained from this mentoring role to be among her personal highlights from her time at the school.

“Being the Year 7 and 8 netball coach for two years was a major highpoint. I witnessed the girls grow in confidence, both in sports and with their friends, and having students run up to me in the hallways always made me feel happy.”

In keeping with this, one of the most valuable lessons that Lada will take away from ACG is the importance of creating balance and the need to not take yourself too seriously.

“It is easy to get lost in the competitive academic side of things,” she says. “However, getting involved in the sport and social life is perhaps just as important for personal success.”

Though her plans are flexible, Lada’s pragmatic approach towards her wide range of undergraduate subjects will ensure she builds the best platform for her future.

“Currently, I am not set on any specific career. As I complete my studies, my undergraduate course will give me a clearer indication of what I want to do. Furthermore, the Masters in Law provides me with a direct career pathway, however the degree is broad enough to give me the opportunity to venture into other fields.”

And when asked she is looking forward to most in her new role as a university student, her response is eminently sensible in both scope and design, “Making new connections, learning material specifically tailored to my interests, becoming independent, growing up!”