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ACG Parnell College

Known for delivering excellence in education, ACG Parnell offers
a dynamic, contemporary and progressive learning experience for all
students, from Early learning to Year 13.

Our reputation as one of New Zealand’s top academic schools is well-known, but there is much more to us than just academics, and we are dedicated to providing a holistic education that develops our students intellectually, socially and emotionally. Our personalised teaching approach offers students choice, challenge, and fosters a lifelong love of learning. We ensure our students reach their highest potential during their time with us and are well prepared for life beyond.

  • Why parents choose ACG Parnell College

    Student community: our students enjoy learning and this fosters a rewarding and engaging school environment.

    Holistic approach: students are offered the chance to participate in a diverse range of academic, sporting, cultural and co-curricular pursuits.

    Student-centric: we know children learn in different ways. Every programme is designed to allow for individual care and attention, ensuring students achieve their best.

    Academic focus: we are the top academic school in Auckland. To help each student realise their academic potential we ensure they are supported and challenged at every level.

  • A personalised learning approach

    Delivering excellence across education in accordance with the wellbeing of our pupils is our first priority at ACG Parnell, a concept which is reflected across all our classroom environments. The ongoing success of our students is founded in our emphasis on two core elements that we believe make us such an outstanding school.

    Firstly, our focus on student-teacher interaction which is fundamental to all pupils making progress and achieving their full potential.

    Secondly, our desire to maintain a personalised learning approach that treats every student as an individual and supports them pastorally and academically at all times.

  • Comprehensive academic education

    The curriculum at ACG Parnell is designed to capture a vast, global range of ideas and knowledge, and pass this on to our students to discover, interpret and use in their future lives.

    Our teachers are experts in their field and are dedicated to helping your child enjoy learning and make the most of every opportunity.

    We expose students to an international pool of knowledge – mathematics, science, music, languages, physical education, technology, the arts and humanities and so much more.

  • Vibrant sporting community

    We believe that physical exercise is an essential part of mental and psychological wellbeing. We offer our students the ability to participate in a wide range of individual and team sports at different competition levels.

    The values students develop through participation and competition – commitment, teamwork, resilience, perseverance, respect, loyalty and integrity – reflect our school values and help set our pupils on the right path for life beyond the classroom.

  • New Zealand's top senior school

    Year 12 and 13 students have the choice of two internationally recognised curriculums, Cambridge or International Baccalaureate (IB). Our recognition as one of New Zealand’s top schools is supported by the hard work and dedication of our students who received an unprecedented 16 Cambridge Awards last year.

    Our recent results include:
    5 Top in World
    7 Top in New Zealand
    3 High Achievement (Top in NZ for a smaller subject)
    Best Across Five (Top ICGSE Level student in NZ)

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