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Russell Brooke


Offering a seamless learning journey from Year 1 to Year 13, ACG Parnell College is a truly remarkable school.

Set across three campuses, our school allows students to move through educational settings designed to maximise learning and personal growth. Their years with us culminate at our unique pre-university campus for Years 12 and 13. We are the only school in New Zealand to offer the dual pathway of Cambridge A Levels and the International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma) – enabling our students to achieve entry to the finest universities around the world, should that be their choice.

We are characterised by our outstanding people – students, families and teachers – who all enjoy our school. The excellent relationships between staff and students have grown a family culture of high moral standards and a gentle but fair discipline.

At our heart lies a united focus on high academic achievement for all students, achieved by a respectful culture that has excellence as a central value. Around this core value is a dynamic programme of opportunities such as sports, drama, music, debating and leadership, to name a few. School life is carefully designed to foster personal growth through individual responsibility, teamwork, self-awareness, fun, hard work, and application.

I believe that educating boys and girls together is highly beneficial to our young people, allowing them to develop skills, tolerance and understanding that sets them up for life. Moreover, they work well in mixed teams and interchange leadership roles freely and easily.

Our teachers are highly skilled, enjoy what they do, and gain immense pleasure from working with our students. It continually energises me to hear our students speak appreciatively and knowingly of how their teachers go the extra mile for them. Skilled teachers are seeking us out as they seek a rewarding, stimulating and well-resourced environment for their craft. From fostering creativity and independence to weekend rehearsal camps, our staff are there for our students.

Out of this commitment arises the deep-seated culture of caring and loyalty that makes our school such a fantastic place to teach and learn.

Welcome to ACG Parnell College!